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Digital Protection Suite for MAC

iSafeMAC bundled plans not just provides World class MAC protection butalso protects your Credit and Identity protection with features like RobustMonitoring, Text Alerts, 1 Million$ theft cover and more making it a musthave subscription for any MAC user.





As new Internet threats appear all the time, we have designed iSAFEMAC to constantly update its malware library. Connected to incredibly powerful Cloud-based technologies, it provides instant, worldwide protection. With all the heavy computing done in the Cloud, there’s no drag on your resources, and your sensitive private data remain safely stored on your Mac

REMOVE annoying adwares

Frees your Mac from annoying adware with iSafeMAC. Even Macs can pick up intrusive adware programs from the Internet. The new iSafeMAC Antivirus for Mac detects and Eliminates adware, malicious hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars and other browser add-ons installed with or without your consent.

everything automated: autopilot mode

iSafeMAC’s Auto-Pilot handles all your security needs so that you don’t need to bother about the nitty-gritty.  iSafeMAC’s proprietary technologies automatically detect and remove any threat without any negative impact on you Mac’s speed and performance. Turn it on and Forget about it!

internet protection: weblinks scanner

Now you don’t need to think before clicking on a Suspicious link. As the new Internet threats appear all the time, we have designed an Internet Protection web extension that constantly updates it’s phishing library to protect you against any harmful content. So browse free with iSafeMac’s Internet Protection Web Extension.


Identity / Credit Monitoring Included

Starting with our most BASIC plan we start including features like SSN Alerts, Credit/ Debit Card Alerts, Change of Address, Sex Offenders, Risk Score, 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring and more along with 1 Million$ theft cover.

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