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You can request a refund for any of your payments. The process for your refund depends on how you paid

Customer Refund Request Form

We apologise if we were unable to meet your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority but it looks like we can improvise. Please fill in the form and a billing expert will get back to your within 48 working hours with a confirmation. Alternatively, you can also call us on the number below. We’d love to see you back!

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24 Hour Support

We are all familiar with the rising Tech Support Scams , POPUPS , Ransomware that doesn’t let you have a peace of mind with a Single Service or Software. Unless it’s iSAFESHIELD that you got on your Device. From Popups to Printers, Softwares to Smart TVs our Certified Support Professionals will help you out with anything you can relate with IT Support.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for your Secured Payment.

iSAFESHIELD is PCI Compliant that ensures safe payment processing and data security. Plus all your payments comes with 15 days Money back Guarantee. So you do not need to think twice before choosing any plans above.